Weiss Falk

Daniele Milvio

New Bronzes and Drawings


For the third time during the art fair, Daniele Milvio is presenting a small selection of his works in the attic of the gallery’s rear annex. His silver-plated bronze sculptures are small ballot boxes/ urns sporting snails and grasshoppers on the outside and narrow slits in which to drop business cards. Milvio sees them as tiny purgatories in which the souls of the printed names gather. However, these miniature netherworlds are only ostensibly a persiflage of the art fair. Actually, in these works the artist formulates a literary allusion to the character of August Strindberg’s novella Days of Loneliness, who keeps the visiting cards of his business partners and customers in an urn.

Milvio often interweaves literary themes and current cultural and political issues in his idiosyncratic and occult works. Also on display are new collages featuring photographs of Vito Crimi of Italy’s Five Stars Movement. In his capacity as undersecretary of state in charge of publishing, Crimi recently shut down Radio Radicale, a pillar of Italian democracy since the 1970s, which, among other things, broadcast live debates from the Italian parliament. Milvio’s collages serve as a Nietzschean indictment of the mounting dictatorship of the ignorant. Because of the current political situation Milvio decided to show these collages instead of recent drawings.

Photos: Flavio Karrer
Courtesy: Weiss Falk and the Artist