Weiss Falk

Peter Fischli


Oskar Weiss and Oliver Falk are delighted to announce this exhibition with Peter Fischli. In the front space of the gallery, the video Work, Summer 2018 is prominently staged on a table, spotlighting the street and and its passersby. In homeopathic doses, further interventions are echoing previous works shown lately here and there.

Work, Summer 2018, 2018 HD video recorded with a cell phone, color, sound, 12 min., loop

Individual scenes for the video were filmed during August and September 2018 in the Media Markt electronics superstore in Dietikon – a five-minute walk from my work space – recorded from flat screens using my cell phone. Comprising short promotional films for GoPro cameras, they are, in general, permeated with an unequivocal excess of positivity, everything and everyone is in constant motion. In contrast, I attempted to stand as still as possible, to film everything as calmly as possible, except for a 360-degree panning panorama, which records the location of the Media Markt.

These fragmentary sequences are imitations of authentic miniature films from the sporting and gaming sectors, tourism, and all kinds of leisure activities involving friends and family. The resulting sequences, some of which were recorded using the cell phone’s slow motion and freeze frame function, were subsequently compiled into a montage, by selecting and repeating the individual scenes I tended to favor, to create a loop of around twelve minutes.

All the sound recordings were likewise made on site, featuring various sources of sound: the store’s sonic ambience created with mainstream music that was popular during the summer of 2018, together with loops of sound emanating from the electronic entertainment devices that were for sale. Background noises from more general activities have also crept in.

I visited Media Markt 23 times during a period of two months, and was never questioned while going about my work.

Peter Fischli