Weiss Falk

Laura Langer – The World is Round
Piper Keys, London

“You cannot do a ‘pano’ (iPhone) shot of a round thing [...] A panoramic shot of a round thing would be a curved piece of paper.” - From “God”, 2018, Sydney Schrader

Laura Langer shows new paintings and photographs.

The series of paintings installed at Piper Keys include printed photographs adhered directly to large, square, monochrome canvases. Langer manipulates a single scene fragmented by a camera frame and overlays it with acrylic medium. Across the composite paintings an arc emerges, visible within a cloud formation.

This image is drawn from a library of camera phone photos taken by Langer, which she categorises under titles including ‘Found on the Floor,’ ‘One of Many,’ ‘Red Hunt’ and ‘Angels.’ These broad image-types group disparate objects and phenomena by formal qualities such as shape, colour and orientation, recording subjects underfoot or overhead, above or below the body. This unlikely, vertical axis, bypasses the social field. At different scales, the shapes of objects are reflected in one another: the membrane of an animal cell finds equivalence in the curvature of the earth.

Three more images from this source are included in the exhibition. Produced as standard photographic prints they are subjected to another treatment whereby they are affixed directly to the wall, alongside the paintings.

Piper Keys, London

Photos: Piper Keys, London