Weiss Falk

Ben Schumacher – Anatomy of a fachfest – Anatomie des Fachfests
Weiss Falk, Basel

Weiss Falk is delighted to announce their upcoming exhibition Ben Schumacher Anatomy of a fachfest – Anatomie des Fachfests. This is Schumacher‘s first exhibition with the gallery, showing new paintings, wall objects and sculptures.

An idea in drunkenness, like most of the others: let’s do a music festival. It is possible to turn the drunken-thought process into one accessible without consuming any beer. This is good for productivity. All ideas should be realized at one point or another to see what you can do with them, how you can work your way out of them, and how you can live with the results. Art is spread through effects, you don’t know how, when, or who they’ll touch. A fachfest sounds more polite than a fuckfest - easier to put on a poster in the window of the bakery and the pizza place. Want to be respectable to the locals and par- ticipants. But what’s a fachfest? We asked some Germans - they said ‘compartment’ - a Compartment Fest makes sense: Organized, scheduled, with representatives of different types. Sounds like a lot of responsibility. Seems like it’s related to taste. Roter heringe! Taste is for scared people who want to know what things are before the things even have effects. Some people are ashamed of their own activity, others can’t take a joke, and others still take the joke too seriously and then the joke becomes like a god to them. These people make better farmers than artists. At some point we were told we had 5000 for the music fest but somehow we never got it.

Michael Pollard

Sept 1, 2019

New York

(FPBJPC’s The Wolfe Island Responsibility Fest took place in Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada on July 26-28, 2019.)

Ben Schumacher, born 1985 in Kitchener, Canada, graduated from the New York University in 2011, had numerous museum and gallery exhibitions such as Short Stories, Sculpture Center, New York (2011); Rebirth of the Bath House, Musée d‘art contemporain de Lyon (2014); Privilege and Melancholy, Johan Berggren, Malmö (2016); The Testing Place, Croy Nielsen, Vienna (2017); Käsesakramentsystem, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig (2017); Almenrausch, with Veit Laurent Kurz, XYZcollective, Tokyo (2017); The China Chalet Group, Bortolami, New York (2018)

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